As you can see, browsing through the BJORNE collection, all the scarves are made of a super soft blend of silk and modal fibres. But What exactly is Modal?

Well simply put, Modal is actually a type of viscose (any fabric or fibre made from the wood pulp of a tree) but unlike other types of viscose, Modal is made only from beechwood. It may be used alone or together with other fibres such as silk, like we have.

It has a very unique feel – smooth but with a certain depth to the fabric. The beechwood fibres take and hold dye easily which results in beautiful deep colours, the perfect canvas for all the BJORNE designs.

Modal also has an interesting history. Although the concept of modal fibres being used in fabrics was originally developed in Japan in 1951, the idea was subsequently developed and refined by an Austrian company called Lenzing AG, who specialise in textiles. Lenzing is also is behind the creation of the wonderful and relatively new product called MicroModal, which is a very lightweight mircoform of Modal.

Modal is an excellent base for scarves and pashminas in that it lends itself very easily to styling – for those times when you are feeling creative and want, perhaps, to make more of a feature of your scarf.

It is also an excellent choice for scarf-wearing during the summer as it is both absorbent and breathable, staying very cool to the touch.

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