The BJORNE of Norway pocket square collection

As every fashion aficionado will know, enhancing style with luxury accessories isn’t purely a lady’s game. Here at BJORNE of Norway, we’re ever-so thrilled to introduce the first range of pocket squares for men, made from 100 per cent silk and inspired, as always, by the alluring side of nordic life.


Pocket squares in history

Now a style staple for the well-dressed gent, the pocket square isn’t such a contemporary affair. It is believed that the accessory dates back as far as Ancient Egypt, when affluent individuals would sport red linen cloths as a symbol of their prestige.

Following the introduction of the two-piece suit in the 19th century, the redundant handkerchief was replaced by pocket squares. Once reserved for formal occasions, weddings and dinner parties, into the new millennium, the pocket square has become the essential accessory amongst fashionable males and high-profile faces alike.



How to wear your pocket square

Of course, as with all fashion pieces, the pocket square allows the individual to express their unique flair and style. Once worn as a flat fold or presidential fold in the 1950s-60s, the pocket square has since evolved into a more daring, sartorial statement. Long gone are the days when a white flat fold would do. These days we see more and more experimental, style-savvy arrangements.

Despite all the sets available in high-street stores, it is a common misconception that the pocket square should match the tie or the shirt. Rather, it should we worn with great panache. Choose a perfectly presented, daring design, that accentuates a secondary colour in your tie or shirt. As the BJORNE of Norway collection offers luxury statement pieces, when worn against flat colours they will certainly leave a lasting impression.

Your choice of pocket square fold should be entirely dependent on the occasion and your style. Keep the fold simple for formal occasions, perhaps opting for a clean, elegant point fold. Aim to position it half an inch to an inch viewable above the pocket.

Should the event allow,  seize the opportunity to show your personality through your pocket square. The Puff and Dunaway Fold are two of of the easiest ways to add a little touch of puff to your look.


The BJORNE of Norway pocket square range

The BJORNE of Norway Aurora Pocket Square is inspired by the Northern Lights and is sure to brighten up any suit jacket or blazer. Ideally paired with grey or navy suits, the square features a yellow, blue and green print.

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Ravens Pocket Square by BJORNE of Norway is an original and contemporary variation on the traditional black or white pocket square. The monochrome ravens print is accentuated with a classic blue frame detail, and is suited to any smart-casual or formal style.

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With a nod to one of our most popular scarf designs, the Varga Pocket Square by BJORNE of Norway features our signature wild wolf print. Vibrant with blended pink and blue hues, Varga promises to inject interest into any boring blazer or jacket.

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All BJORNE of Norway pocket squares are available in single silk or double silk, the latter suited to heavier fabric jackets and blazers and features the selected print on both sides. All pocket squares measure 24cm by 24cm and are all presented in a gift box, which makes it the ideal present for the man in your life.

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Watch this video to learn how to fold your pocket square


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